Robert Fulton: American Inventor

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During 1760 through 1840 the Industrial Revolution around the world took off in many different ways. Inventors from around the world worked around the clock to come up with new ideas for a new and modern world. The Revolution started in Great Britain and quickly spread to America where American Inventors got a chance to display their inventions and ideas. One of the famous inventor who was very important was Robert Fulton, who was most famously known for inventing the Steamboat.

Robert Fulton was an American Inventor, Artists, and engineer. Robert was from Irish decent but his family moved to Lancaster. In 1786 Fulton and his mom moved to Pennsylvania and settled on a farm. Fulton always wanted to make a name for himself as a painter but his career as a painter failed and diminished. After his attempts to become an aspiring painter failed he decided to work on becoming an inventor. Fulton met a committee member who drafted the Declaration of Independence and they were talking about building a submersible boat to advance his ideas onto the British government.

In 1804 Fulton returned to London
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Fulton had the idea of building the craft so that whatever government wanted to produce his invention could rule the seas but that didn’t happen. He wanted his boat to sneak under enemy ships and leave a keg of powder so that it could explode later without the enemy even knowing what hit them. When he told the governments this they rejected the idea because they thought that it would have been an unhonorable way to fight. Even though Robert Fulton couldn’t get the government to fund his project he was able to build his project with his own money and at his own expense. When he did finally finish the project he named it the “Nautilus”. You may recognize the name from different books and movies such as Journey to the Mysterious Island and also a book called We were on the