Robert Hayden's Poem 'Those Winter Sundays'

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Those Winter Sundays

Throughout life thus far, I have learned that there may be a certain time in life where you ponder back on with regret. Having haunting feelings of “if only” or “if I just knew then what I know now”, linger on your thoughts. Making one question how things could have turned out to be different if realized sooner. Unfournetly, these life lessons take the act of maturing and time to fully grasp. Which is exactly what occurred in Robert Hayden’s poem, “Those Winter Sundays.” The speaker is a man reflecting on his past as a child and his new found empathy toward his father for the love, sacrifices, and dedication he didn’t recognize as a child. Now an adult himself, the speaker has come to realize what regretfully had escaped him as a child. When in the past he was
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Also finial understanding how unloved and lonely that must have made his father feel.
The speaker truly shows his regret, sorrow, and new understanding for his father’s life long dedication to provide for him as a child. During childhood, we often forget to tell let the ones who care, love, and protect us the most how much it means to us. When looking back to his childhood he sees now that he did not perceive his father’s expressions of love, for what they were.
Robert Hayden’s short poem, “Those Winter Sundays.” shows us how having an ungrateful state of mind could become years of guilt. The speaker as a child could not fully recognize the sacrifices made for him by his father. Until he becomes much wiser and an adult himself does he truly see the love he received from his father every day. Reminiscing he feels sadness for never truly thanking his father, but is thankful he can see all he took for granted and appreciate his father at