Robert Moses Accomplishments

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Robert Moses was one of the most controversial figures in urban planning. He was one of the major forces behind the shaping of America’s modern cities. He transformed New York by constructing numerous highways, tunnels and bridges. In 1913 he began his career at the Municipal Research Bureau in New York. While working there he was able to implement his plans to reconstructing New York’s civil service system. Governor Al Smith appointed Robert Moses to the chief of staff of New York states reconstruction commission in 1919. Moses alliance with Smith allowed him to join forces with Al smith once he was elected as governor. Robert Moses was able to convince the governor that the New York City region needed development for the automobiles and land preservation of the city’s parks. Eventually Robert Moses received multiple titles like “President of the newly created Long Island State Park Commission, and “Chairman of the State Council parks” that allowed him to fully for go his plans to reform state park systems and roads. In 1933 Mayor Fiorello La Guardia appointed him to head the city’s Park Department and the Triborough Bridge Authority which over saw more than 1700 projects. Moses was able to renovate the Central Park Zoo, construct highways, …show more content…
He was heavily criticized for the manner in which he appropriated and developed land. Thousands of people were displaced for Moses’s constructions to be built. Many protests against his projects took place amongst urban residents. Critics blamed Moses for the departure of Brooklyn’s baseball team because he had refused to build a new stadium. As the years progressed his popularity declined. Donald Trump gained celebrity status from his numerous city projects, and his emmy nominated show “The celebrity Apprentice”. Unlike Robert Moses, Trump has managed to win millions of admirers by presenting himself as someone who “tells it like it