American Grace

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The authors of American Grace are two social scientist Robert D. Putnam of Harvard and David E. Campbell of Notre Dame. Robert D. Puntman is a professor of public policy at Harvard University and a visiting professor and director of the Manchester Graduate Summer Progamme in social change at an university called University of Manchester in the UK. Putnam is also the founder of something called the Saguaro Seminar on civic engagement in America. Puntnam is the author or coworker of ten previous books, including a couple of best sellers. David E. Campbell is a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame. Campbell is the author of and co authors of four other books. He has also published many articles on education, religion and politics. These two educated men came together and created the book that makes you realize that Americans are more religious than people probably think; American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.

“Most Americans are intimately acquainted with people of other faiths.” (pg.32) In the book American Grace these authors talk about how America’s religious diversity has not involved much intolerance. "Most Christians, even most evangelical Christians, ­believe that non-Christians can go to heaven, notwithstanding the New Testament’s repeated assertions that Christ is the only path to the Kingdom of God." (pg 80). The novel documents the decline of mainstream Christian denominations and the rise of evangelical Christian churches, as well as reaction against evangelicals because of the attitudes and actions of the "religious right". The authors