Robert Reich Why The Rich Are Getting Richer Analysis

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Herman Cain, a former candidate for the nomination for president back in 2011, said in one of his Republican debates that “If you don't have a job, it's your own fault. Quit blaming everyone else for your problems.” Robert Reich, who wrote the essay “Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer,” would unquestionably disagree with Mr. Cain on this matter. Reich mentions in his essay that the reasons for not having jobs are the fault of outsourcing jobs overseas, advanced technology, and competition with each other and with the global web. He first divides American workers into three different working classifications, or boats as Reich metaphorically puts it. The three boats are characterized as sinking rapidly, which holds the “routine producers,” the second boat that is sinking slowly holds the “in-person servers,” and lastly the boat that is rising swiftly holds the “symbolic analysts.” Reich puts these boats in this order to show us that, for whatever reason, the two boats that are sinking is the majority of Americans and that while we are struggling the top percent is in the …show more content…
On this boat are the symbolic analyst, these people have the jobs of scientist, researchers, and strategic brokers. Two reasons Reich mentions why the third boat is rising so swiftly is because of how large the global market has gotten and the dramatic improvements in communication and transportation technologies (par.35). Reich points out that the fact that the global market is so worldwide that it doesn't matter if someone won't pay an immense amount of money because someone around the globe will. Reich gives the example of strategic brokers in General Motors', if the buyers in America won't buy the product because the pay is too high, then will seek elsewhere, like the strategic brokers of Honda and Mercedes-Benz (par.29). This is possible because the communication around the world has improved