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Is Child Labor Necessary?
Robin Strandell
Baker College of Cadillac
May 3, 2015


Is Child Labor Necessary?
A Summary/Response of “Regulated Child Labor Is Necessary in Developing Countries” Is child labor necessary? Most Americans today believe that child labor is no longer an issue. According to the article “Regulated Child Labor Is Necessary in Developing Countries”, the issue of child labor has been gaining attention around the world. In many developing countries, child labor is a necessity for economic survival. Child labor is not always exploitive or harmful. Often times, children performing labor can become educated and receive a constructive learning experience. However, regulated child labor laws and enforcement are necessary. The article first talks about recognizing the need for regulations. Sen. Tom Harkins (D-Iowa) Child-Labor-Free-Consumer Information Act of 1997 institutes a voluntary labeling system, which certifies that sporting goods and apparel are made without child labor abuse. The reason for this is because today we see an item with a price tag that tells us how much the item costs but it does not tell us how much a child may have paid to make it. In a survey conducted by Marymount University, it was found that three out of four Americans would avoid buying any items if they were aware of the items being made by abused or exploited children. There are many different types of child labor that are discussed in this article. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) child labor refers to any economic activity performed by a child under the age of fifteen. . It is important to distinguish the difference between illegitimate exploitation and legitimate work. The type of child labor that has become an international concern is the exploitive and harmful labor, which interferes with a child’s education. Not all child labor is harmful or exploitive. Certain types of work, such as after school chores or working in the family business are not considered harmful, but can provide a child with a formative and constructive
IS CHILD LABOR NECESSARY? 3 learning experience. Many children between the ages of five and fourteen are working in fields such as agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, mining, household services and child prostitution. Many of these fields are considered harmful and exploitive and considered to be very dangerous. It is also important to understand the causes of harmful or exploitive child labor. The article explains that poverty is a major cause of child labor but it is certainly not the only cause. It is found that countries with the highest