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This guide is very out of date and no longer being updated with the passing of our friend Melody Bliss. This is for Beta version and not current versions of the Robo3D R1

Robo 3D Beta User’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Keepers of Knowledge (aka who updates this FAQ)
Melody Bliss <>­bliss.752/ If you would like editing capabilities to this document, please let us know via the Robo 3D forums (NOT by email). This is an FAQ for the “Robo 3D ABS/PLA and PLA only” 3D printer that was kickstarted and now sold by Robo 3D at Note that this is a Work In Progress and changes will be made over time. The thread on the Robo 3D forums for this FAQ is at­asked­questions­faq.1426/ This FAQ can be found at it?usp=sharing or you can go to it via a direct at Table of Contents
Section 0 ­ I just got my printer. Things to check.
Section 0.a. Noob Tips for Noobs
Section A ­ The Robo 3D Printer Itself (hardware and software)
A.1. What are the models for the Robo 3D R1 and what are their differences?
A.2. What is the filament size for the Robo 3D hot­end?
A.3. Where can I find the firmware for the Robo 3D? I want to modify it.
A.4. I need to replace the controller boards. What are they?
A.5. Is there a Bill of Materials for the Robo 3D R1?
A.6. Where do I get printing software for the Robo 3D printer?
Section B ­ Support/Help
B.1. Is there a forum where I can get help?
B.2. How do I level the print bed?
B.3. My bed isn’t level front to back

B.4. Help! My print is lifting off of the bed!
B.5. My heated print bed stops working or My heat bed isn’t staying hot
B.6. My hot­end or bed is showing 0 degrees! or My hot­end or bed is showing a crazy number! B.7. I’ve clogged my hot­end or extruder. :( Halp!
B.8. I’m connecting to the Robo 3D but all it says is “5 Command Waiting”. I’m on a Mac
B.9. How to flash the Robo 3D firmware (i.e. flashing the Taurino)
B.10. When I try to move the printer using X/Y/Z controls, it doesn’t work!
B.11. I’m getting odd patchiness or holes?
B.12. Alternative Layer Heights since Robo 3D Uses Imperial Rods
B.13. Oh no! I melted the terminal block that goes to the RAMPS board!
Section C ­ Upgrades and Mods
C.1. Methods of fixing the heat bed problem of keeping the heat bed hot
C.2. The E3D All Metal Hot­end
C.2.a. Do I need to make modifications to the Robo 3D printer to fit the E3D hot­end?
C.3. Adding a reprapdiscount Smart LCD Controller, reprapdiscount Smart LCD
Controller XXL or a reprapdiscount Full Graphic LCD Smart Controller
C.4. What are my LCD Options?
C.5. I’d like to add an SD Card Reader
C.6. I’ve removed the cover off of my Robo 3D. What do I do with the cable bundle?!
C.7. How to I modify the firmware to increase the hot­end maximum temperature?
C.8. How do I recalibrate X/Y/Z Steps in the firmware?
C.9. I’d like to upgrade the hobbed bolt. What are it’s dimensions?
C.10. Auto Bed Leveling
C.11. Official Y Axis Linear Motion and Print Bed Upgrade
Section D ­ Useful things on thingiverse (
D.1. The Robo 3D Printer itself
D.2. Level the bed The Right Way™
D.3. Replacement PLA cooling fan holder after E3D hot­end swap
D.4. Spool end cap for Robo 3D spool holder
D.5. Case for a RepRap Discount Smart LCD Controller
D.6. Cable Bundle Holder
D.7. Spool Holders
Section E ­ Material Notes
E.0. A Database of Materials?!
E.1. PLA
E.2. ABS
E.3. Taulman 3D
E.3.a. Taulman 3D T­Glase
E.3.b. Taulman 3D Nylon 618
E.3.c. Taulman 3D Nylon 645
E.4. Fenner Drives NinjaFlex™
E.5. Colorfabb ­

E.5.a. Colorfabb XT
E.5.b. Colorfabb WoodFill
Section Z ­ Other Questions