Robot and Cell Phones Essay

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6 March, 2013 Technology Take Over You know those days when you know it’s time to take out the trash, but you are just way too exhausted to get up and do it? You ask yourself why I have to get up and do it when I just got back home from a long day at work. I think everyone has those days. It would really help if there was someone or something that could help around the house to do all of the little things like mop the floors, wash the dishes, put your clothes in the drier, etc… Installing simple programmed robots into your home or businesses would help reduce errands to run or things to do. The first decision that should be made is if your robot will have tasks set for them to be made mobile or stationary. If there will be no reason for the robot to be mobile, there will be no need for things like motors, wheels, or gears. But most tasks that people need help with are required to be mobile, so having a stationary robot wouldn’t do as much as people need. We need to know if the area that your robot is working in is either a very vast and spaced area or small and compact. Having the right gear motors – giving great flexibility (“RobotShop”). With that being said places like your home, robots can be turned on and easily function by being able to turn every corner needed. This is also great for places like compact offices. A great example of not having the right equipment for your robot is like having a cheap radio control toy that have differential steering (“RobotShop”). They usually don’t last, kids would probably play with them for about a week and they’ll end up in the trash. The cheap way to go probably isn’t the best for you. The cheaper you go the less quality you will have. There are many programs and software that can be used when building a robot. To be able to program your robot, you need the right measurements for whatever your room or building is. Software’s like C/C++, LabVIEW, Java, ViWorks Libraries, Etc … (“FRC RSS”). After the software’s are downloaded the program that will be used is RobotC. RobotC is a program that allows you to input specific commands and measurements so that the robot is being used could function properly. Having the wrong measurements could cause a great deal of errors when dealing with programming. To know when to “go forward, stop, or go backward“, is needed for the robot to know what do to in the program. The use of robots in many businesses is constantly growing. As time passes, robots are rapidly expanding worldwide helping with all kinds of things. With that being said, the use of human workers are dropping, in other words, “ it’s not good news for workers “ (Krugman). There is no need for workers when businesses have equipment and technology that makes work easier. Sooner or later the use of humans wouldn’t be needed at all. Robots make all things easier, simply by taking away any little thing a person would like to take off of their list. It could get to the point where the only thing humans have to do is sit down and let the robot to all the work. The producer of Wal-E shows a great example of the evolution of robots. One robot could replace two and a half men. Why would a business keep paying for so many people, when one robot could be purchased and take over. Work would be more precise, errors would decrease, and the amount of time it takes to do a job would be reduced. Many people think that sooner or later, robots might get too smart for humans. Instead of us being the more dominant, the robots would soon become way too much for us to handle. Man vs. machine, would be the outcome of this theory. Our inventions would soon turn against us; becoming too smart for any human. We would become slaves to the machines and the world would end. As of now, this assumption wouldn’t really come true but there are many of robots being used in our generation. Come to think about it, most robots help save lives around the world. Many are