Robotic Warfare Research Paper

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Tianyuan Guan Guan1
ENG 107
Prof. Skeen
27 February 2015
Robotic warfare in the future
The robotic technology developed fast today. Robotics already replace people in some areas. In some movies or novels, robotic weapon already shows lots of times and most of them shows their destructive power and uncontrollbility. Actually, the robotic warfare means government use robotic weapon to replace solider in future warfare. People cares about using robotic weapon because it seems more dangerous for living people. Lots of people don’t believes that day will come. But the truth is robotic weapons will be use in military in the future to replace solider.

More than 40 countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Russia and China are developing a new generation of robotic weapons that have huge power. Robotic technology already highly developed today and it already allowed government to build robotic weapons. One of the most important part for robotic weapons is Artificial Intelligence. This is the technology makes robotic can thinking as a human.
Imagine that we could scan some real human brains in enough detail, model all standard brain cell types with enough accuracy and have cheap enough computers to emulate entire human brains, using these cell models and the scan
details. Such emulations would then talk and act much like the scanned humans they emulate, and so could replace humans on most tasks(Marshall 361).
This is an explain about the Artificial Intelligence technology today, it is easy to make robotic weapons analysis the situation in warfare. Another important part of robotic weapon is hardware. Robotic in most people’s imagination is slow and inflexible, actually, it is much more flexible than human. Japanese are trying to use robotics to replace nurses, bank clerks and people in some other positions. The UAV used in Iraq war is another evidence proved robotic technology already allowed government to build robotic weapons. UAV means Unmanned Air Vehicle, it can hold bombs. It allowed people control it in US when it is attacking in Iraq, just like playing computer games.

Governments willing to use robotic replace solider. “more than 40 countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Russia and China are developing a new generation of robotic weapons that have huge power”(McGlynn 73). Governments in both America, China and other big countries cost lots of money on soldier's pay and provisions. Real solider will cost much more than robots, the salary for private solider in America is in the medium level. But they have high rewards and Social welfare. So that means the government spent lots of money on them every year. Use robotic weapon will save lots of money, robotics don’t need salary, medical treatment and board wages. They just need some maintenance cost fee and fuel fee. This is the first Guan3 reason that governments willing to use robotic weapons. Secondly, the robotic weapons are much more powerful than human. They use engine and wheels to keep moving fast; they use Artificial Intelligence to judge accuracy and react immediately. They also can hold much more weapons than human, and they don’t need to train to use weapons and learn the skills in warfare. Thirdly, the most strong reason for government willing choosing robotic weapons is robots don’t have friends and families. It can save many solider’ s life. 1788 American solider died in Afghanistan war, 4335 American solider died in Iraq war. They all have friends and families, that will be a huge group of Americans get serious impact after these two wars. High-tech weaponry will never make zero victim except keep people outside the battlefield. That takes the trend of war change from human warfare to robotic warfare.

People are glad to see robotic weapons in their countries army. Some of the reason I’ve already explained above.