Essay on Robotics In Engineering

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Robotics in Manufacturing
Iqbal Nasir
Due date: June 10 th , 2015
Course: TMJ3/4C1 -01

 “An automatically controlled, reprogrammable,

multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes, which may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications.”
 Manufacturing is literally a matter of using hands to make goods, but when robotics are involved it’s a whole new story
 The term robot comes from Czech word Robotonik, which means nothing short of slave labor
 It is used until today because it can perform tasks that humans often find dangerous, or boring with a faster speed and precision.
 The usage of robotics increases day by day. According
(IFR) International Federation of Robotics estimate there had been 1.1 million robotics manufactured to industries.

History of Robotics in
Industries first used robots in early 1961
It was made and developed by Joe

Engelberger. Who was known as “father of robotics.” The robot itself was called “Unimate”
The robot was built to transfer objects from one point to another.
Unimate weighed about two tons and were accurate to 1/10000 of an inch

Types of Robots Used in
Robotics in manufacturing can be classified according to different criteria such as:
Types of movement (Cartesian, scara, 6-axis)
Application (Welding robots, material handling, painting)

Advantages of Robots
Produce more accurate and high quality work
More precise than humans
Greater quantity in short amount of time
No holidays, no injury
Can work in hazardous situation e.g. no

oxygen, toxic chemical (spraying paint)
Lifting heavy stuff

Disadvantages of Robots in
Reduces jobs
Require a high initial cash investment

anywhere from 1000$ to $1 million.
Can hurt reputation of business ( cutting employee) Not capable of independent thinking
Does not learn from their mistakes

Usage of robots in Manufacturing

Material transfer

Used for medical purposes
Space robots
Military purpose

Areas of Manufacturing where
Robots are used, and their tasks
Automotive manufacturing and supply
Chemical, rubber and plastics manufacturing
Food stuff and beverage manufacturing
Wood and furniture manufacturing
Cutting and polishing
Palletizer ( Is used for stacking products on