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Green Industries Reflection Ilyas Ali (T1J0-0.5) Our class was given task from Mr. Waters to design and program a robot. My task given to me by the leader in the robotics assignment was the construction of the robot. We designed the robot to take up little space and be stable. The structure of the robot was stable, however, we had difficulties with the battery of the robot and when it came to the final test our robot wasn’t running properly. The construction of the robot was fairly well done, next time I think we could improve on adding more moving parts to it and more complex attachments to enhance the robots abilities.
Programming the robot was not too difficult, getting the specific measurements and distances for it to travel was tricky. All the little adjustments had a big impact on the robots performance. Next time I think we should have tested it more often and made those specific adjustments properly to make sure it was consistent and to ensure success on each run.

Organization was not as good at the start but got better. Our organization of the parts was good as we separated the different parts to make them easily accessible. Our step-by-step and planning organization was not well thought out at the beginning but after changing our course early on we were able to focus on a good path. In the future I would like to have a better thought out plan from the start so that we can focus on one solid plan.

Teamwork was generally good,