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Philip d Becker

Rock music History

11 December 2011

A future rock legend, what does that mean, if you ask anybody they will give you their opinion of what they think it means to be

considered a rock legend, I want to tell you what i think it means to be a

rock legend. the Rock and Roll band I would nominate to be inducted into the

Rock And Roll hall of fame, is switchfoot from San Diego, California.

Switchfoot was formed in 1996 as the band chin up, named after

their childhood friend chin who appeared in many of the bands music

videos, they started out with the members Jon and Tim Forman and

Chad Butler on drums, they played a few shows in San Diego and were

then contacted by Charlie Peacock of Re:think Records, after being

signed they changed their name to switchfoot, they went on to

distribute their first three records, “The legend of chin”, “New Way

to be Human”, and “learning to Breathe” with sparrow records after

re:think was bought out by them, of there first three albums Learning to

Breathe was there most successful.

In 2002 their music was prominently featured in the Mandy

Moore movie “a walk to remember”, following the exposer from the

movie they were contacted and signed by the major record label

Columbia, Their first album “The Beautiful Letdown”

this was a huge mainstream success for them and went on to sell more

then two million copies. In 2005 before the release of there fifth record “Nothing is sound”

guitarist Drew Shirley of “All Together Separate” who had been

playing with them for the past year had become the fifth member of the


This is just a brief history of the Rock and Roll band that I would

nominate for induction into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, now I would

like to you why I would nominate them.

Switchfoot has always been devoted to their fans they have

always stated that what they do is not about the