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Music what is music to you? Is it something to listen to for fun or work? To me music is both I am in band and in a band so I love band. Music in general whether it be rock, hip hop, or pop every one listens to music. I listen to music to get away from it all. That is what most people do. I listen to rock mostly but any kind of music is ok. There are many kinds of music that it is hard to name them all. Then when you have all of them there are then sub-genres like rock there are hundreds of kinds of rock. Most people think there is only that one kind of a certain kind of music. When they know you listen to a kind of music they label you with that group. Witch they shouldn’t because Goth rock is different than classic rock. When you are labeled as a Goth or emo rocker it stays with you. It is a silly thing but can cause problems. The reason that is if you are labeled one of these most groups won’t want to be around you and the group you are labeled as is the same way. Society thinks that music whether it be pop or rock you are labeled as the biggest group to come out of the certain kind of music you listen to. Music is a beautiful thing no matter what you listen to or don’t listen to. Most people I know like to listen to many kinds of music but they are labeled by what people hear them listen to. It is a stupide thing to do like I play in the marching band doesn’t mean I’m a nerd and because I sing in a rock band doesn’t mean I’m Goth or emo. Music is