Rockdale Medical Center Case Study

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Rockdale Medical Center is one of the hospitals located near me in Conyers, GA were many individuals from the surrounding areas with various backgrounds come for preventative as well as emergency visits. I chose the hospital based website because I believe as a medical center there is a great amount of cultural diversity between patient’s culture, ethnic groups and backgrounds. There is also and increased amount of diversity among employees. Rockdale Medical center plays a role in understanding why cultural diversity is so prominent especially in the healthcare industries. Cultural diversity is defined as differences among people because of their racial or ethnic backgrounds, language and traditions (, …show more content…
As healthcare undergoes constant reforms in American society, it is important to consider what universal access means in a country undergoing significant demographic changes (King, 2014). For example, being a young African American woman that personally frequents this hospital I have constantly witnessed various minorities receive care from this facility. These changing demographics underscore the importance of cultural diversity in a profession where the patient provider relationship is the key to determining the quality of care. The product of ensuring patient compliance as well as providing excellent care should be a goal of the provider. Interacting with a healthcare professional is a personal relationship. It is important that as a provider to understand the values and beliefs of the individual with whom they are caring for taking into consideration. As providers and employees of healthcare it is also to understand the cultural context of the people being served or they will not be as effective as healthcare professionals. It does not only apply to medicine but to all areas of the healthcare