Rod Matthews Murder Case Study

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Murder, a capital offense, the most severe type of murder. A fourteen year old boy committed one? Rod Matthews, from Canton, Massachusetts murdered his classmate Shaun Ouelliette when they were fourteen. The Christmas before the murder, Rod set his couch on fire. Clearly this is unusual behavior. Rod Matthews should have been tried as an adult because first degree murder is the most severe type of murder, he took a life, and he planned out the murder. Rod Matthews was clearly violent because of all of the things he did before the murder such as abusing and killing animals and lighting fires. Before the murder Rod wrote" I can't wait to feel what it's like to kill someone." Rod Matthews clearly had a developed brain; therefore, only someone evil was capable of doing this. This relates to the Holocaust because there were smaller events that were bad and then the big tragedy. Rod said to Shaun they were going to play baseball, and instead of the ball being hit, Shaun's head was hit. Then Rod sawed Shaun's hands and feet off after he killed him. That added to how extreme this crime was, and Rod further insulted Shaun and his family by mutilating Shaun. This can relate to the phrase " rubbing salt into the wound." When a NBA team …show more content…
Rod knew Shaun was new to the neighborhood and Shaun wanted friends. Rod knew that Shaun would try to make any new friend that he could. So Rod gained his trust and invited him over. Rod and Shaun played pool together and then when they went into the woods, Rod knew it was time to kill Shaun. Rod purposely walked behind him so Shaun wouldn't see anything coming. Shaun was defenseless, which made it even worse for Shaun's case. This relates to the NFL when a player on defense is going to sack the quarterback and the quarterback is blindsided. The quarterback can't get away when it happens just like Shaun couldn't get away from the bloodthirsty Rod