Roddie Edmonds Research Paper

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Master SGT. Roddie Edmonds was a memeber of the 422nd Infantry Regiment and in the 106th division. He went through some tough times in World War II. He stood up for what he believed in. And in doing that Edmonds risked his life saving hundreds of
Roddie was born in 1919. His given name is Rodrick W. Edmonds. From
Knoxville, Tennessee where he lived at different addresses while he was growing up.
Including 702 Redwine St. in South Knoxville which is near Fort Loudoun Lake
( Shearer). Roddies' fathers' name was Thomas Edmonds. He was a local wallpaper hanger for many people over the years. His mothers' name was Mary Jane Sexton Edmonds. She passed away when Roddie was only 3 years old. He had 3 brothers, Thomas Edmonds Jr.
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Before Edmonds left for war he also became a Christian. Christian 4

Chris Edmonds started learning about his fathers war life when his daughter
Lauren had a school project about a family story. So him and his daughter were looking Roddie's old diaries. Chris Edmonds came across his fathers heroism in 2009, while he was online. He came across an article where a man named Lester Tanner was being interviewed. He mentioned in the interview how he was saved from most likely death by
Roddie Edmonds. So when Chris e-mailed Lester to see if he could meet with him lester replied with, "I would love to meet with you. I owe eveything to your father."(Edmonds). Roddie also married before going to war but the marriage ended in divorce while he was still serving. He had a daughter during that marriage. Chris has never met her but wishes to one day. While serving in Korea Roddie married again but, later it ended in divorce. The long distance affected these relationships negetalively (Shearer). After his service in the Korean war Roddie went back Knoxville and married Mary Ann Watson
Edmonds who was 16 years younger than him. This marriage brought their son Chris