Essay on Roger Clemens and Specific Sport

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Pages: 3<gale_ofa>294501346</gale_ofa>&rft.eisbn=&rft_id=info:oai/ Why are steroids and sports even listed in the same sentence together? Is it because you get stronger and perform better at that specific sport? But what if you get caught, you get banned from that sport forever and was juicing up worth it? No. Growing up I was always taught to play by the rules and to always be fair, it frustrates me to know that professional athletes are actually cheating to achieve better results. I hate to think that I once looked up to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, I think they deserve no credit in what they accomplished. They are and always will be a disgrace to the game. Steroids are ruining sports and athletes that are juicing up are making it worse day by day. My culture effects the way I communicate in everyday life. Growing up I was taught that eye contact was the most important thing in having a conversation with someone. In other countries eye contact could be the worst possible thing you could do and it could also mean you are looking down on…