Rogerian Argument Against Abortion

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The decision to be pro- choice mostly comes from the ability to be a good parent. In many cases of abortion, people are too young to eventually care for a child, or the baby is going to be mentally ill making the process of raising the child extremely difficult. The overall process of having and raising a child is very expensive and being a young mother can make it hard to pay to keep the baby healthy and happy. A girl named Elizabeth Pruden argues that abortion is okay in young girls based on her own experiences. Elizabeth had to make a choice about what to do with her pregnancy. She felt that “My options, as they appeared to me that cold, gray winter, were to either keep the child and live completely on my own, young and with no education, …show more content…
God plays a big role in the abortion debate. Catholics strongly believe that abortion in all cases is a sin. God is the father of all humanity and abortion is an insult in ending God's’ children: “In 1995, representative Jesuits from around the world met in Rome for the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus. In their completed document ‘Our Mission and Justice,’ they noted that ‘Human life, a gift of God, has to be respected from its beginning to its natural end’”(The Society of Jesus in the United States). Opinions about being pro- life are mostly formed by people’s obedience to God. People do not want to defy the words of God and kill his child as well as their child. They believe that even though they are carrying the baby, it is still a child of God. If you have an abortion, you are ending the child's life early and interfering with its natural end. Early Christians would reflect on their faith in Jesus and the Lord and they believed that abortion was a grave sin (The Society of Jesus in the United States). Even a long time ago, people believed that abortion was one of the worst things to do. This belief has carried on to