Rogerian Arguments

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Rogerian Argument Essay The current drug policy in America is doing more harm than good. A lot of people are starting to notice the way the drug policies are negatively impacting everyone. Some are now starting to speak out and are demanding change. William J. Bennett and Milton Friedman both bring to light just how ineffective the policies are. William J. Bennett essay “Drug Policy and the Intellectuals” gives details on how the drug policies were created by people who have very little knowledge on how to handle drug regulations. Bennett starts off by saying “They’ve made up their minds, and they don’t want to be bothered with further information or analysis, further discussion or debate.” (547) The law makers don’t want to research the …show more content…
The issues Friedman talks about are the same issues Bennett mentions being created from the lawmakers lack of research and experience towards drug regulations. Friedman believes that the government’s attempt to control whether or not people use drugs is a “basic ethical flaw [that] has inevitably generated specific evils.” (568) Which is due to the lack of interest towards trying to better the current drug policies. Which goes back to the lawmakers not wanting to have anything to do with putting more time and money into proper drug research and how to handle it. Friedman and Bennet both mention how drugs polices are having a large impact on black families in America. Friedman goes into detail how there’s a disproportionate imprisonment of blacks in America. He mentions how there is “3109 black men for every 100,000 of them in the population” (568) are currently incarcerated due the way drugs are regulated. Bennet also quotes an Urban League President who says “Drugs are destroying more black families than poverty ever did.” (Bennet 552) This helps shows how the current drug policies are harming people due to the polices lack of effectiveness. The policies have also created issues dealing with informers, foreign countries, and treatment of chronic pain. The current situation isn’t a pleasant one to deal with and needs to be fixed, it will