Roland Johnson's Lost In A Desert World

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Often, individuals reflect upon their lives, remembering all of the accomplishments, stories and struggles; Roland Johnson takes the opportunity to reflect on his life in his Autobiography Roland Johnson’s Lost in a Desert World. In addition to his reflection, Johnson shares his life experiences, so that no one is compelled to experience again, thanks to his efforts. Also, an abundance of lessons are present in Johnson’s book, which are applicable to daily life, additionally advocating for others with disabilities. With the perspective of a future educator an abundance of knowledge applicable in several ways after gaining a better understanding through the book as well.
Roland Johnson’s parents like the majority of parents in their
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These topics all impact the educational environment. If one or all of these are not a focus when creating a quality environment for education students will harm the positive outcome of the experience and may put students mental well being at risk.
Roland discusses throughout the entire book different experiences that he has had or often activities he has been exposed to which created a negative impact on someone’s life in one form or another. A specific example, which Roland experienced himself, would be when he was sexually abused. As an educator, it is important to not only understand that this is a very possible to be relevant to the students, which they teach, but also to know that it may have happened to an individual student. Knowing that a traumatic experience such as this one has or may have happened to a student is crucial to create an environment where students feel safe and are able to learn. As well as creating a positive learning environment, knowing what exposures students have made it possible for teachers to be able to connect to students and to provide resources when
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Roland accounts many different tasks he took on while at Pennhurst including but not limited to doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and interpersonal interaction. Without these opportunities Roland may have hindered him from being released. By giving Roland the opportunity to help while in the institution, not only benefitted the faculty, but it gave him the opportunity to learn skills, which he was fully capable of. As an educator it is our job to give our students opportunities, which are they are fully capable of while also giving them opportunities, which challenge them so that they grow. Doubting a student’s capability is equal to treating students differently because of a disability. Every student is capable and with motivation and guidance, students are able to achieve