Role And Funcation Of Law Essay

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Role And Functions Of Law
Martin Castro
University Of Phoenix LAW/421
Anthony Ellis

Law is cast-off in many forms and ways throughout the economy. Many of the industries use law in order to ensure that they stay in obedience. With start law where different situations, it's used in society to function. Many individuals may use the law in their work environment and not even notice they are. I will be discussing the role of law in organizations as well as society and how I have used the role of the law in my past employment.
In business law, it is often used in large organization / industries in order to confirm that the organization stays in compliance with all federal and state laws. Large industries usually keep what is called "in-house" counsel they are part of the payroll as a position of vice president or a general counsel. Depending on the size of the organization the general counsel they may have one attorney to advise then with all business ventures or any legal documentation that will come across the desk. These attorneys will dedicate themselves with significant amount of their, professional time in order to advise the organization on issues such as formation, labor, and employment laws, regulatory agency compliance, legal transactions, and rational property and other legal issues that are relevant to the organization operations. All of these lawyers focus on groups and hardly perform any other task.
In society law, it is mainly used in two forms either in criminal or civil law. In civil law, it is designed to balance parties including organizations for their losses and other conducts. These losses are known as damages. Criminal laws are a protection of society, and disturbance of criminal laws that results in penalties to the violators such as fines or custody, imprisonment. In civil law, it would be used to let one live another for a certain amount of time frame, but could not pay the price in order to take them to court. A good example of criminal law will be into used if a drunk driver has injured an individual while driving drunk. The person could be prosecuted by authorities, which committed the civil crime. The individual that was injured to recover any losses and suffering of the incident could sue the driver.
In the case Cipollone v. Liggett Group Inc., Cipollone had filed a lawsuit against Liggett for the defilement of numerous of New Jersey consumer protection acts alleging that Liggett. It's Liable due to the mother's death was not engaging in a course of conduct, including false advertisements fraudulently, misrepresenting.The hazards of smoking and the conspiring to withdraw the public of any medical or scientific information about smoking.
In the case Kauffman-Harman v. Kauffman, Kauffman had created an industry that holds certain assets intended to minimize tax liabilities. One the industry was established, judgment was formed against him, in order for Kauffman to avoid on paying any judgments, and Kauffman had transferred all stocks to his wife. Once the shares were transferred, she had spread out the stocks to his children, after a seven-year time frame he wanted his assets back and filed a