Role And Functions Of Law Paper: Law 421

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Role and Functions of Law Paper
Amanda (D’Ambra) Duncan
LAW/421 – Contemporary Business Law
November 11, 2013
Aretha Somerville
University of Phoenix

Society can be viewed in several different ways and it really depends on each individual and their perspective toward society. Not everyone’s right or wrong is the same and some may think things are the right way when other does not. When it comes to the law, despite people’s feelings or opinions, the laws and U.S. Supreme Court decisions take rule above all. When it comes to U.S. Supreme Court decisions, not everyone will agree with the ruling, but they will be allowed a fair trial. In regards to the Cipollone V Liggett Group, Inc. case, Cipollone felt that the cigarettes sold to his mother was what caused her death and the U.S. Supreme Court did not agree with his statements. When reading that article, I was able to understand from both sides of the parties and their thoughts. I know personally if I were to lose a parent from something that was caused by smoking, despite my parent making the decision to smoke, I would definitely want to blame someone for the loss of my loved one. The cigarette manufacturer abided both the Federal Cigarette Labeling & Advertising Act and the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act. These acts were created to protect the people before choosing to smoke. They are basically a red flag hanging saying, “Please be aware that by smoking these products, they could cause this.” I believe those acts are very important, so everyone is aware of what could happen if someone were to choose to smoke cigarettes. In currently work in the Property Management field. We manage retail, commercial and office buildings. Every tenant we have has a current lease on file. When working with perspective tenants, we have our Leasing Director do all the negotiations to ensure that all the legal documents are current and worded correctly. We really rely on our leases on what they cover and what they do not. Our job is to protect the buildings for our owners and ensure they are able to make money off of their investments. If we were to have a new tenant sign a lease and not have the correct wording on who takes care of what, it could possibly lose the owners money instead of make money. We recently took over management for some new properties and the previous Leasing Director had new tenants sign leases right when we were going to take over the management. What that Leasing Director did was signed the lease with the new tenant, made his commission and did the owners wrong. After tenant improvement construction costs and preventative maintenance costs, over the next three years of the lease, the owners will walk away making only $150.00. The Leasing Director was