Role Model EBP: Future Advanced Practice Setting

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How would you role model EBP in your future advanced practice setting? Be specific!
One way to role model EBP in my future advanced practice setting is to embrace practices and policies that are evidence-based. For example, patient education is an evidence-based practice, therefore as an advanced practice nurse I must incorporate patient teaching in my practice. There has to be a time designated for patient teaching especially when a patient is prescribed a new medication, given a new diagnosis, or a change in treatment plan. Patient has to be encouraged to ask questions.
How would you foster an organizational culture that promotes EBP? How would you promote EBP throughout the entire organization?
Clinical questions must be brought up during practice/unit/leadership meetings. When a problem or issue is brought up in these meetings a consensus can be made and as a nurse leader, I can then take an initiative to organize a committee to find solutions that are EBP. Once evidence are found through literature search on best practices, the committee can then formulate a plan to implement an EBP solution to the problem or answer to the question using a change model that is applicable to the EBP and organizational culture. The PDSA change model is a simple but powerful model for improvement
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One way to change a staff member from being a distracter to a promoter of EBP is by including that staff in the process of finding the evidence and then developing the process to implement the change based on evidence. This way the staff learns of the evidence firsthand and involving the staff in the development of the implementation process will keep the same staff engaged. That staff will then have to come up with ideas on how to best implement the EBP rather than say that it has never been done that