Role of Functions of Law Essay

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Role and Functions of Law
April Jones
Law 421
July 25, 2012
Kent Lauderdale

Role and Functions of Law
In the business milieu companies rely on the federal system, and its functions in business law to protect, regulate, and assist the company best interest although business is being conducted. Business law plays a major factor in many corporations in society today. To ensure that a business is run properly contractual obligations, rules, and regulations must be set, and cared through. This will help and protect businesses from frivolous or detrimental grievances from occurring with consumers, vendors, or suppliers. In this paper the readers will be informed on the functions and roles of law in business and society.
Functions of Business Law
Functions and roles of Business law have prearranged guidelines set forth for businesses to sustain behavior within society, and a business. The strength of character in these guiding principles assist encouragement with responsibilities, requirements, and rights for social impartiality to assist with determining ethical values, and points of views of any given society. A business agreement or a contract can ensure a business equality to evade potential officially authorized liabilities for the duration of the time of services. Business may be capable of generating more sales through agreements, and contracts by following rules, and regulations to guarantee top business deals. This will promote more businesses because clients network and will spread the utterance of business responsibility, and excellent services.
Roles of Business law
In business and society law plays a major position, which helps to regulate the social behavior to keep a business efficiently and successful. The role of the law in the business field is design to protect business employees and consumers as well as the creative enterprises of the business (Richard, 2010). One law that is majority used in a business is the Contract law. This law outlines what type of agreement or contract that can be legally binding or what kinds cannot be. This law helps deliberate and protect businesses, individuals, and society from defrauded and illegal activities from occurring. Another role in business used several times is the role of Activism. Activism is growth of many organizations aimed at protecting the public from pollution, poorly made products, unsafe workplaces, and the host of other problems which affected citizens (Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed., 2012).
Function of law at workplace
In the past I worked for a battery plant called MUTEC, located in Columbus, Georgia. At this facility there were all types of batteries made for small or large appliances ranging from an AAA to a children’s motorized power wheel battery. The most harmful battery made at this facility was lead- acid batteries. To protect the workers at lead facilities a law was passed in January 14, 1980 as the 40 CFR60.370 as a Code of Federal Regulations - Title 40: Protection of Environment. Any lead-acid battery manufacturing plant that produces or has the design capacity to produce in one-day (24 hours) batteries containing an amount of lead equal to or greater than 5.9 Mg (6.5 tons) (v/Lex, 2010).Protection equipment had to be worn which, consist of safety gargles, gloves, a dust suit, and a ventilator machine. Employees