The Troubles In Northern Ireland Undermine The Authority Of The UK Government

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How did the troubles in Northern Ireland undermine the authority of the UK government?
The IRA conducted an armed paramilitary campaign in Northern Ireland and England aimed at ending British rule in Northern Ireland in order to create a united Ireland.
This was under Thatcher’s government, a close cabinet minister of hers Airey Neeve was killed in a car bomb which undermines their authority as they were democratically elected to govern.
Other major issues created by the IRA was the Brighton hotel bombing. The IRA planted a long-delay time bomb at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, England, with the intention of assassinating Thatcher and her cabinet, who were staying at the hotel for the conservative party conference. Thatcher escaped injury, however, five people were killed, including two high profile members of the conservative party and 31 were injured.
The UK government want to be sovereign (have the most power) but Northern Ireland want to be independent from them.
Since 1988, Northern Ireland suffered difficult progress towards permanent government, but lack of trust between the main parties led them to being unable to form a government and therefore direct rule from London had to be restored.
In 2007 a breakthrough was achieved and a new Northern Ireland executive took office. Since then, further problems between nationalists and loyalists have created uncertain progress towards the settlement (because they took office in Northern Ireland they took