Role Of Mr Perry In Dead Poets Society

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Literary Essay: “Dead Poets' Society”
In the film "Dead Poets Society” directed by Peter Weir, the roles of parents in modern day society is just as important as it was in 1960.
Mr Perry is a very rude parent. What he wants he will have and he in a way lives through his son. "You're going to Harvard, and you're gonna be a doctor." Even though he does push his son in the direction that he might have wanted to go if he had the opportunity, he is only doing what he thinks is best "You don't understand, Neil! You have opportunities that I never even dreamt of, and I am not going to let you waste them!"
Mr Perry is a fantasy-foreboding father. He does not let Neil be a part of anything, be it plays, editing the newspaper and so forth, even though Neil is a straight A's student. After driving Neil home after the plays he gives Neil a stem talking to and says that
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He never listens to anything Neil or his mother has to say, and when Neil finally gets the guts to stand up to him, he puts him in his place and makes sure that he does not have the courage to do it again.
Mr Perry: "What? What? Tell me what you feel! What is it? Is it more of this, this *acting* business? Because you can forget that! What?"
Neil Perry: "Nothing." parents always make Todd feel like he has something bigger to live up to. (His older brother Jeffrey) "Mr. Anderson.You have some big shoes to fill,young man. Your brother was one of our finest."They do not mind always throwing it in Todd's face. Plus, as they do not know who Todd is, so they always get him the same gifts and they never make an effort to know him. “Maybe they weren’t thinking about anything at all. The funny thing is about this is,
I-I didn’t even like it the first time.”

In conclusion, the role of parents is as important as it was in the 1960s due to the fact that children still develop in the same way mentally, and need the same guidance and freedom in good balance to do so