Role Of Pregnancy During Pregnancy

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My great grandmother
My great grandmother was called Jane Hannah; she lived in McDonald’s street on the falls road. She worked in the mills close to her home and when she wasn’t working she was a housewife who looked after her children and husband. She had 10 children altogether, she had 6 sons and 4 daughters, she was expecting her first child at 20 years of age, my granny was due when my great-grandmother was 46. When my great grandmother was pregnant it changed a lot of things in her life she had to compromise and adapt to the way a pregnant woman’s body develops.
Great-grandmother Pregnancy and conception:
Whilst pregnant the great granny will have major adjustments occurring quickly within her body physically, physically during pregnancy she will gain a significant amount of weight due to the development of the foetus, the hips will widen to adapt to the correct shape to support the baby and the mother’s womb. Throughout pregnancy she will often feel sick and may also begin to get more tired easily.
Intellectually the mother should seek advice from doctors or the health visitor on what foods to eat and which diet to maintain, she will also need to know how she will change physically so mentally she is ready to adapt to the change, again she will seek this information from her doctor.
Emotionally the mother will need support while at the early stages of pregnancy, this is due to suffering from stress due to the change in hormones within her body, the mother may also need comfort to show an indication that she is not alone throughout the pregnancy, this may relive her nerves if she is feeling stressed.
At the life stage of pregnancy socially my great grandmother will have a huge change in her lifestyle, she will have to compromise to adjust to life while being pregnant, before she fell pregnant she may have went to bingo to socialize with friends and enjoy an alcoholic beverage, due to her falling pregnant this will effect her social needs as she is restricted to doing fewer things. My great grandmother while at the early stages of pregnancy knew she had to readjust aspects of her life; socially she will have to compromise to adapt to the way she should be while pregnant, physically her body will change and suddenly begin to feel changes within her body such as emotions and hormones which may lead to mood swings.
My grandmother at the life stage of Infancy (0-3) Years
My grandmother is called Pauline Diamond, She is 57 years old and has five children altogether, all of which are five girls including my mother.
Physically between the age of 0-3 years babies develop very rapidly physically, babies will physically need looked after for example; they will need to be fed and also the food in which my grandmother is consuming must have the correct nutrients and supplements to provide her body with energy which allows my granny to develop, physically at 0-6 months my grandmother will learn how to control her muscles and movements as they continuously develop, at first children’s movements are reflexive in nature but continue to gain a responsiveness nature to reflects as they develop. As my grandmothers motor development continues, she will learn how to her head around the age of one month old. At the age of 6-9 months my grannies motor development will have improved significantly and will be able to begin to explore the world around her, she will became more aware and familiar of the settings around her, her reflexes will have significantly improved, she will be able to crawl around the age of 6-9 months, physically the changes which have occurred have made her body stronger as she has developed, at the age of around 9 months to 1 year old the baby physically she be able to walk or in the process of beginning to learn how to walk, between 12-15 months my granny should be able to take small baby steps on her own, around 18 months my granny physically should be starting to run, climbing up stairs. Between the ages