Role Of Stakeholders

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BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business
Unit 1
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In this report I’ll be exploring how the stakeholders of both of my organisations will influence them to make the London 2012 Olympics more aware to their local communities.


Financial Organisations

Nike could design and make specific promotional gifts very cheaply, such as pens. These pens could then be placed in the branches of the bank(s) that Nike is involved with, perhaps in waiting lines and seating areas where people have time to observe and decide to pick them up and take them away with them. Even if they don’t, the pens (or other product) have still caught their eye and they have still taken the time to look at them. The pens could be red, with Nike’s logo and the Olympics 2012 logo.
Leaflets, pamphlets or flyers could also be produced to go along side the pens which would have information about the Olympics inside. This could be the dates of different events, how much money has been spent and who the sponsors are.
Banks are a popular public place, and they are usually busy which means customers have something to look at whilst waiting to be served.


Newsletters can be sent out from Nike to all their shareholders inviting them to organise, with the help of the company e.g. funding, events such as fairs or fetes in their towns and local communities. The fairs could bring together the community whilst also promoting the Olympics with activities such as miniature Olympic Games where contestants can win prizes. At events like these the community have a chance to come together. They could even do their own stalls such as a tombola where people could bring their own items and donate them.
Nike can also have their own stalls where they offer some of their products at discounted prices for that day and only at those stalls. They could also give out promotional coupons to use in stores on their Olympic Games products that they may bring in or the coupons could be used on certain products or type. For instance a 30% off voucher on drinking bottles.


Staff may put forward the idea to wear a different uniform during the Olympic Games period. One idea could be a red shirt with the Olympic logo or the colour schemes which have been brought in for these games. Nike could partner with other companies that distribute to the same stores and with those stores decide on a uniform for all their staff to wear. It could be a simple polo t-shirt with all the logos of the organisations involved as well as the Olympic logo.
If a shirt would be too costly, they could make a badge instead which all their staff members must wear when on the shop floor. However the badge must be bright and well-designed in order for customers to notice it.


The stores that distribute Nike’s products can work with Nike to do a competition/prize draw. The prize could be tickets to the Olympic Games or a Nike goody bag that consists of their products but with themes of the Olympics, such as the colours and logos. When a customer buys a Nike product, they can be given a voucher or printed on the back of their receipt. The customer can then choose to enter the competition. To enter the competition customers could use their mobile phones to text in. Customers are more likely to do this as it is quick and easy, especially if it is advertised as a ‘free prize draw’. There could be specific winners if they get the right code or all contestants be put in one place and picked randomly.


Nike could make an agreement with the media to promote Nike in association with the Olympics. They could use a famous athlete or number of athletes that compete at the Games, such as Kelly Holmes and show her running in Nike shoes, and other Nike products.
It could be a chain of adverts, each with the same style however different athletes in each one. By showing a wide range of well-known Olympic athletes on their adverts,…