role of supernatural in macbeth Essay

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Sacred sphere of rituals
Degrees of sacredness of rituals were recognised in almost all of aboriginal Australia ,some rituals and ceremonies being regarded as bigger or more important than others .the same grading applied to myths or characteristics in the myths , were regarded as more significant than others .the most significant beings in the dreamtime stories were the “creation being” ,those who gave rise to the various tribes and the environment they live in , as well as being the institutors of their laws and customs .

They range from sacred to non-sacred in a continuum , not a dichotomy .In some situation rituals could be a mixture ,being not completely one or the other, often merging into each other .the themes and characters that appear in significant rituals can also be found camp entertainment ,though not in the roles they assume in the sacred rituals many examples of this occurred throughout australia .The division between rituals that are sacred and those of lesser importance is not fixed throughout the continent, different groups taking various rituals more or less seriously than other groups.

According to berundt and berundt (1964) ,in non-Aboriginal society there is a tendency to regard as natural laws ,pseudoscience (Malinowski) ,and is seen as an individual matter ,a person performing certain rites in an attempt to gain some personal benefit ,or possibly to harm another person or person .on the other hand , non-aboriginal society tends to think