Role o Government Essay

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Role of Government Today’s government has made a drastic change since our Founding Fathers. During that time, the role of the government was to serve the citizens and better the nation. Our Founding Fathers made choices in government that protected the citizens and the nation, and strengthened our nation. Over the past 200 years, our government has lost sight of what the sole purpose of the government is suppose to be.
In today’s government, some elected officials are abusing their power of authority. I believe the purpose of the government is to serve citizens at its best interest; manage the nation’s economy in a manner to where it benefits all and protect the nation from any harmful threats. Our government has been doing most of what it should, but not all. Our economy is falling and the citizens are suffering. Our government isn’t what the Founding Fathers envisioned the future America.
In previous presidential terms, there have been mistakes made. But for every term served, we’ve seen the same issues. Politicians are more concerned about terrorism and gun control than women’s health and proper education. It seems as if politicians lost the caring interest of the people and what is needed. Nevertheless, there have been beneficial laws and policies established, but more should be done. The government is missing modern day people and experiences. They understand the concept of poverty and health issues, but don’t understand the hardships people face on a day to day basis. American government needs…