Role of Training and Development Manager Essay

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Role of a Training and Development Manager

To meet the challenges set by the rapid transformations in the technology and business operations, the work force need to be aware of the changeover and its impact on his work. Training helps him to bridge the gap on where he is to where he has to be, thereby adding to the productivity. The training manager is to analyse the current position of the work force and direct them to the advancements through proper training.

The role played by the training and development manager is crucial in any organisation. He should be aware of the needs of the target audience and the type of target audience before designing the study material. The needs of the target audience can be identified and evaluated
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With the changes in technology and rise in the scale of business operations, the creation of a highly skilled workforce who can make significant contributions to the company objectives and who remain loyal to the company lies in the hands of the training and development manager.

Training and development managers and specialists conduct and supervise training and development programs for employees. Increasingly, management recognizes that training offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building loyalty to the firm. Training is widely accepted as a method of improving employee morale, but this is only one of the reasons for its growing importance.
Other factors include the complexity of the work environment, the rapid pace of organizational and technological change, and the growing number of jobs in fields that constantly generate new knowledge. In addition, advances in learning theory have provided insights into how adults learn, and how training can be organized most effectively for them.
Training specialists plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities. Trainers conduct orientation sessions and arrange on-the-job training for new employees. They help rank-and-file workers maintain and improve their job skills, and possibly prepare for jobs requiring greater