Expansion Of The Media Industry

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Global Expansion of US Media Industries 1


by Lunlalit Niyomtas Student ID : 14060193

Global Media 2MED7H3 Professor Daya Thussu

School of Media, Arts and Design University of Westminster

Global Expansion of US Media Industries 2

Introduction In the recent past, we cannot deny that the media industry has experienced monumental growth both in terms of revenues and global expansion. Like other businesses, such as banking and manufacturing, the media business has enjoyed globalized operations to expand and grow, becoming one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. World media has proactively employed information technology and advancement
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Global Expansion of US Media Industries 5 Such a non regulated media demands that media firms seek professionalism in passing information. Pickard (2007) argues that a media free of government intervention has to go an extra mile in order to gain public acceptance. The U.S. media firm has employed professionalism in reporting and entertaining the public. Democracy and open space that the U.S. government has maintained has allowed media firms expressing varied opinion on different issues. Further, the freedom of expression that has been assured by the constitution and protected by the government has fostered a media that can be termed ‘the peoples’ ‘watchdog’. Thus the government has opened up itself for scrutiny by privately owned media firms in a move that improves on transparency (Reportlinker.org 2012). Such a responsible media has made other nations around the world to envy such media firms. American news networks such as CNN and Fox News broadcast to almost every corner of the globe. Many countries have these news broadcasts translated as their differences languages. These firms have been deemed as independent and professional media houses. Such acceptance is due to the good perception that these media firms enjoy back home. The U.S. government, by providing free space, has allowed U.S. media firms being accepted all over the world and, thus, facilitated the expansion. Conclusion From all of the information, it can be concluded that the United