Essay on Roles and Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

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As an environmental business advisor, I provide resource efficiency and environmental management advice and support to small to medium businesses in the Northwest. The aim of my role is to promote resource efficiency, sustainability and environmental awareness to businesses. To achieve my aim, my objectives are to deliver resource efficiency reviews, due diligent audits and environmental trainings to businesses with the need and support them through environmental improvements.
To deliver my role, I work within a framework of legislation and code of practice. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 imposes obligations on employers as well as employees to ensure a safe working environment. Risk assessment should be carried out where necessary and accidents should be reported and documented (Health and Safety Executive, 2012). The Data Protection Act 2003 sets requirements on information handling, stating that information must be processed fairly and lawfully and should be kept secure (Gravells, 2012). Whereas the Institute for Learning’s Code of Professional Practice 2008 require professionals to maintain professional integrity, treat each other with respect and exercise reasonable care (Institute for Learning, 2008). Other legislation, requirements and code of practice relating to my role include Equality Act 2010, Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Human Rights Act 1998, which set out requirements and entitlement for employers and employees in creating and maintaining a fair working environment.
As part of my job role, I work with a diverse range of people amongst colleagues, volunteers and clients on a daily basis. It is my responsibility to recognise and appreciate the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique (University of Tennessee, 2008) and identify individual needs such as physical, medical or religious needs. Then tailor my behaviour, language, and approach to suit individual needs to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly and given equal opportunities.
As part of my current role, I provide information to businesses, raising awareness on environmental issues and best practice. Although this is not carried out in a formal teaching and learning environment, it is a process of the dissemination and receiving of knowledge and information. I also facilitate and assist in the deliver of environmental trainings and workshops.
As an environmental advisor, it is my responsibility to identify my learner’s needs. This way I can ensure that adequate support is provided to create the best environment for learning. This could be researching the company to understand my client better before carrying out a visit; or requiring special dietary information before organising food for a training session; or being flexible…