Roles Of Human Resource Management

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Roles Of Human Resources Management. Human resource management, also known as HRM or simply HR is the management of an organization's human resources or employees. The Human resources management is responsible for the attracting, selecting and assessing and rewarding employees of an organization. They also supervise organizational culture, leadership and make certain that employment and labor laws are followed. Human resources management serve as the company's main liaison with the representative of an employee, usually a labor union, when the employee desires and is legally authorized to hold a collective bargaining agreement.
Human resources management in health care are responsible for the following:
 Staffing and Placement.
 Management of Employees.
 Decision Making.
 Legal Research on Health Care.
 Workplace Safety. Staffing and Placement: One major importance of a health care facility is to be staffed with qualified workforce. The Human resources department put together and conduct the choosing of suitable personnel for such positions. It is the job of the Human resources department to advise management the benefits and employee pay for existing employees and new recruits. It is the responsibility of the Human resource department to ensure that every employee have the proper paper work to enable them work in the US such has Labor certificates and work permits for immigrants. Management of Employees: to ensure that adequate health care services is delivered and to limit patients complaints, a care facility must have the expertise of qualified and reliable employees. Evaluating existing employees in an organization is the responsibility of the Human resources department. They must also ensure that the performance of new recruits meets the organization’s requirements and goals. Human resources management addresses misunderstandings and disputes that may arise between the management and employees and provide suitable and working solutions to address such issues. Decision Making: Human resource department was included in the planning and decision making process by the facility management in the 1990s. The Human resources department addresses employee concerns because of the inclusion of the department into decision making. Addressing staff disputes at early stages reduces conflicts and chaos. The department also has the duty of building a reliable, efficient, strong and qualified team and setting up management