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Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries in Teaching (V:2)

Q1. Describe your own roles/responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher (include your contractual obligations and limits of your own authority and responsibility) At the present time I work as a HGV driver for most of the week, except a Monday when I am employed by my Trade Union as a Learning Coordinator.
I have to deal with quite a few learning providers; because my primary task is to encourage my union colleagues to update their skills or learn new ones. My own authority, within my role as a Learning Coordinator, is to oversee 6 Union Learning Representatives. Following up any enquiries they may come forward with concerning courses that any of our members want to do.
It is my role to source these courses, and consult with the relevant providers; confirming times, locations, and cost if any.

There is a Union project worker who oversees my position and makes me aware of any course opportunities than they think may be relevant to our site.
Once I complete this course, I hope to be given the chance to deliver the Drivers C.P.C. within our depot, and hopefully move on to bigger and better things.
As a teacher it would be my responsibility, to always be active in creating and facilitating opportunities for learning, liaising with providers from external sources. In order to keep up to date with current practice, and processes.
My role in relation to the cycle would begin with an initial assessment, of my learners to identify their training needs.
Using this information, I would also have to ascertain the needs of the employer, any learning providers and any requirements of the awarding bodies.
My role would also include such tasks as, planning lessons, finding and preparing materials, doing research, assess learners on a constant basis to ensure they are coping with the work I have assigned them, and ensuring myself and my learners