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Review your own role as a teacher and the responsibilities that you feel come with that. Also explain what you feel is not part of your responsibility as a teacher of adults.

As a teacher of adults in the Lifelong Learning Sector my own Roles and Responsibilities would be very different and varied from other teachers/tutors in different levels and sectors of education. However, there would also be many similarities in core principles and practices.

As a teacher it is a part of our role to multitask which includes:

• Managing a diverse group of learner. • Managing activities to be performed by the group. • Identifying and accordingly modifying the course content to suit the needs of the group. • Managing the learning.
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• Provide content to sessions that engage, challenge and inform students. Ensuring that all learning relates to required achievement. • Supervise and develop the student aspirations and goals. • Facilitate an appropriate learning environment. Including such points as monitoring behaviour to classroom design. • Be flexible and adaptive with the learning styles in a way which suits groups and individual students. • Lead by example with model behaviour and qualities, such as Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity. • Avoid any unethical behaviour unbecoming of a person holding a position of such place.

Environment and surroundings
First and foremost you have to make sure the environment you are teaching is in an adequate standard to work in. For example, in my line of work that the workshop is safe, tidy and ready to work in. If the workshop is not safe, apart from contravening health and safety law, there will be many things to distract the students’ attention. This also includes the people in your surroundings if any student feels threatened by another I have a duty of care to either resolve the problem or find an alternative solution before the problem escalates. Mostly you should try to make the class and room as enjoyable a place as possible We have all experienced, at some point, sitting in a drab and dingy room with a boring monotone teacher stood at the front.
Teaching styles
From my own personal experience of