Essay about Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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Amanda Smith
Pttles Teaching Programme
Tutor: Joanna Martin
Essay Title/ Level 4 Assessment:
‘Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/ training cycle’?

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Traditionally the role of the teacher has been as a purveyor of information and trusted to be the fount of all knowledge. This suggests that the teacher was the one in control of the passing of knowledge onto passive students. Of course this ‘chalk and talk’ approach has now altered dramatically from the ‘traditional’ model and thus altering the role of the teacher. Reece and Walker believe that, “
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( Reece and Walker 2002)

It is crucial nowadays that every teacher is aware of current legislation (Every Child / person matters) that affects learners and their ability to contribute in a safe environment. There fore it is the responsibility of the teacher to endorse: the equal opportunities/ child protection/ data protection and of course health and safety. The teacher has a responsibility to prepare for lessons, make sure they are meaningful and have clear aims and objectives for each session. It is crucial to be a good communicator and to encourage debate within the classroom that leads to deeper understanding of the area of public speaking.

Kelley-Browne, (2007) p18, states “One of the core professional values expected of teachers in the school context is that of demonstrating awareness and consideration for the social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds of the pupils they teach.” Every student should be treated equally through equal opportunities and ensuring the health and safety of the group.

When a new tutor accepts a new post or position it is imperative that she /he adheres to the code of practice set out by that organisation. These boundaries are there