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Anthony Vietro
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Roller Coaster Life Lesson
My first experience on a roller coaster informed that I need to flashback to my fear of heights. On a day where my sun was beating down hard on the pier in Wildwood, New Jersey I was able to capture my dream of not being afraid of heights at a young age. I was one of the many of riders waiting in line to get on the roller coaster which was biggest roller coaster at the Jersey Shore. The coaster name was The Great White and was a wooden coaster which had a steep drop and very bumpy because it was made out of wood. I was waiting in line with crowds of people who were double my age to ride the coaster to see if I can get over my fear. After waiting a good two hours in line I capitalized my turn was up soon and I can feel my fear took advantage of me. I was about to get on the coaster so I took my seat on the ride, and my hands and I sweating bad because I was so scared and I believed the fear got to me. Quickly, I lifted my arms up so the ride attendant could put the shoulder harness on me, but there was a problem. The shoulder harness wasn’t tight enough so I had to stop ride and move into a different seat. I got a new shoulder harness and it fit well so I was so relieved when I saw my shoulder harness fit well compared to my first harness I had on when I first got on ride. The ride attendants were checking making sure all passengers were protected and safely placed in so they won’t get…