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Shelly Romaine
Dr. Kenneth Elliot
English 1001.25
June 15, 2015 Viewing Life’s Free Things: My Interpretation
I see the better things in life as being free. A lot of us in our general public today endeavor toward money as an objective. Many people are easily persuaded money will give them all that they wish. From my particular experience, I can’t help contradicting money being the main thing that brings satisfaction. In my opinion, the best things that can’t be purchased at any cost are achievements, companionships, and spirituality. Are these things that are asserted to be the best things in life truly free? Many personal accomplishments can be extremely rewarding. There is nothing like seeing diligent work and results pay off. Individuals don't understand that happiness can originate from achievement. One of my objectives is to return to college for a degree in business. I put my kids first before myself and did what was best for them. I accepted that I needed to make sacrifices so they can have the best in life that they deserve. I put both of my children through college my son now being a draftsman and daughter an accountant. Seeing both of them accomplish their goals, it gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my own. Since I was a housewife, my objective was to return to college. I don’t have any regrets getting the opportunity to stay home with my children and watch them grow up, yet it makes me feel extraordinary I get the chance to accomplish something I could call my own. As a pet owner, I see the magnificence of companionship. Pets are similar to your therapy and can bring joy to anyone’s life and help loneliness. Simply having the capacity to experience when I stroll through the front entryway after a late night of work, my puppy welcomes me with his tail wagging vigorously, and he is hopping up for excitement. No words can express how upbeat is to see me, and it conveys satisfaction to me seeing him cheerful and what I can accomplish for him. On the off chance that I had a terrible day, he can sense my emotions and comes sit beside me as though he’s attempting to brighten me up. Pets are an awesome anxiety reliever in taking my puppy for a stroll around the area is smooth and unwinding and helps my mindset. Additionally, playing with my canine helps soothe and relieve stress. Numerous individuals underestimate what are pets mean to us.
Spirituality gives an extraordinary intending to life. Various individuals get a broad sense of it being confused with religion, yet it