Roman Empire Essay

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The violin section showed exceptional musicianship, especially the first chair, who was moving and swaying along to the rhythm of the piece. I could feel the emotion and dedication she had to playing the piece perfectly. Gupta and Roman methods of political control were different in that the Gupta Empire encouraged innovation through patronage of the arts, whereas the Romans relied on slaves for free labor. The emperors of the Gupta Empire had a love of the arts that was passed down from father to son. Because of this, artists in Gupta India were paid for their work, which caused science, mathematics, literature, and art to flourish. It was a Gupta scientist who calculated the calendar year to be 365 days and who theorized the earth was a rotating sphere, long before Columbus’ voyages. Religious freedom was also encouraged in Gupta India. Indeed, a large Buddhist University was built in India, although the Gupta Empire supported Hinduism. The Roman Empire was not so lenient. Most religions were allowed to be practiced unhindered, but Christianity suffered at the hands of the Roman Empire. Typically, Christians were slaughtered, although one emperor, Nero, would lock Christians up in cages and set them on fire, using them as “lights” for his festive parties. In regards to the arts, the Classical Period of Rome saw many beautiful sculptures and busts, particularly of emperors, and many great writings, but this wasn’t necessarily endorsed or oppressed by the emperors. The Roman Empire