Roman Empire and Post Classical Period Essay

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Cameron Cortez
Mr. Behnke
October 29, 2012
Period 3
C.C.O.D. From 600-1450 Europe was a hard place to sustain. This is so because of the fall of the Roman Empire, invasion of the Vikings, and the bubonic plague. Because of all this social activity, the population declined in Europe. Economically, Europe was doing well because of the trading that was going on in that area. The fall of the Roman Empire, invasion of the Vikings, and the Bubonic plague were all factors that contributed to change in Europe. They changed Europe socially by declining the population and changing the morale of the people. Though some people were scared of going out in the open in fear of catching the “Black Plague”, others started attending church in hopes that when they die they will go better place that is away from all the chaos that was occurring in Europe. Though all of this madness was going on in Europe, one thing that managed to prosper was trade. This was a contradicting factor in Europe though. Trade was doing well, but it was the reason that the Bubonic Plague was spreading. Because of the Crusades and the Viking invasions that were going on during this post classical time period, people were looking for shelter for them and their families. This led to them living on manors with local landlords. On these manors the people there would be protected by the large walls there on the manor, fed, and sheltered as long as they were willing the fight for the land owner. This way of living is known as feudalism. The trading in the Europe was doing exceptionally well because of all the new inventions that the Europeans were founding. Some of these inventions include the mold board, spinning wheel, water wheel, mechanical clocks, and eye glasses. There were great…