Essay on Roman Empire vs. Roman Rebublic

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Though the roman empire and the roman republic vary in their political structures they are quite common in the structures of their social hierarchy and reasoning for their downfalls. The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire highly differ in their political structures. The republic: created in 509 BCE. was a form of representative democracy. It consisted of 2 consuls of which were appointed by the senate and then voted on. These consuls were the head officers and the were appointed for one year. The senate was one of two legislative bodies comprised of 300 senators and 10 tribunes who were all patricians. The other body was knows as the tribal assembly and was made up of plebeians who met in a forum to vote on things such as consuls. …show more content…
Antony became ally's with Cleopatra. At the battle of Actium Antony's army and navy were defeated by Octavian's and at age 32 he was named emperor of the roman world. The republic had come to an end and in return the roman empire was formed. In the roman empire the military was growing weak, the economy was falling and a lack of loyalty fell amongst the empire. Diocletian and Constantine passed reforms to help fix Rome like fixing the prices of goods and doubling the size of the military etc... Diocletian had realized that Rome was too large and divided it into two separate parts. The authoritarian policies we temporarily successful but it all came to an end when Constantine reunited the roman empire. After Constantine's death the empire redivided. Fighting occurred continually between the states. The west collapsed and became Germanic kingdoms. Soon after Christianity was introduced, a religion in which beliefs were opposite the traditional roman religion which was polytheistic. Christian belief in one god -who was not the emperor- undermined the authority and integrity of the emperor. The declines and collapses of the roman republic and the roman empire are similar because they both involved weakening in central government.

Ergo there may be differentiations between the political structures of the roman republic and the roman empire due to various discrepancies within central government but social