Roman Ruler Essay

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Although both Roman Emperors Marcus Aurelius and his son Commodus both came to an affair with the German in their time of ruling they still both had their differences when it came to the ways of ruling. The Emperor of Rome was to have such qualities in which Cicero, a Roman Senator had written an ideal of a Roman ruler; the ruler must have one out of the many qualities of being respectful in service of god, be just in dealing with his subjects, and should beware of thinking of only personal gain.
Marcus Aurelius ruled his empire in the matter of using the ways of philosophy rather than using the ways of any ordinary Emperor. He was trained in philosophy by Apollonius of Chalcedon: in the Greek language by Sextus of Chaeronea. Marcus was also instructed by the orator Fronto in Latin Literature. In result, Marcus conducted himself towards all men as an equal, showing no smugness because of his elevation as to being the emperor of the Roman Empire. Whereas Emperor Commodus thought of it as the total opposite. Commodus didn’t believe in ruling using the ways of philosophy nor did he care much for it; he practiced cruel habits of chariot races, pleasured killing. Emperor Commodus also loved flaunting of his rise in the empire, he did not care of his people: but was much more hubristic of himself and had no care of his people. Marcus had kindness and indulgence, Commodus was lustful and indiscreet.
Despite the contraries in ruling whether with philosophy or not, Marcus and Commodus also in their personality and way of treatment towards their people in their time of ruling. Marcus was a man of kindness putting his people’s needs before himself. Such as when the war that had onset in Marcomanni; Marcus had no money to give to his soldiers, and since he would not lay any type of tax on the region or Senate, he sold off some his own possessions. Marcus sold his