Romance Short Story: Man From The Stars

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Kexuan Jiang
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SciFi/Romance short story
Man From the Stars
An alien lands 400 years ago in north Korea. Also, he lives for a long time but still along and has the young and handsome appearance as he first arrived at the earth with superpower. His name is Antony. Fast forward to present, he meets his first love Joy, she is a haughty star and also is his neighbor.
Every night when Antony going to sleep, he always unconsciously hears a woman talking to herself and crying by his superpower, these noises cause he couldn’t fall asleep. Then, he knocks on Joy’s door, because he is going to teach her a some good manner to be a good neighbor. When Joy opens the door, Antony says: “ Miss! You cannot talk to yourself all night, you should go to sleep!” Joy feels angry with him and asks him, “ How can you hear I talk to myself? I’m practicing my lines about my movie! I know I’m very popular right now, so don’t trying to make any conversation with me any more!” Antony feels unable to find the answer, then he comes back. However, he feels more amused than angry now, and he starts to listen her practices every night like a bedtime story.
Life is like a dream, Antony and Joy meet in the elevator every morning, they gradually getting to know each other and become accustomed to each other in their own life, but they never express their emotions. One day, Joy get drunk while driving the car, she don’t realize it’s very dangerous. At the same time, Antony is thinking of her, he use superpower can see Joy is drinking driving and will get