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Attachment is a special emotional bond that provides comfort, care and pleasure to another. There are many factors that will determine ones level of a romantic attachment style. After my research it was proven based on the description, my romantic style is secure attachment. This style of romantic attachment makes it easy for me to become attached and comfortably without any worries of abandonment. I also tend to depend on others when necessary with a trade of them being able to depend on me as well. Not really understanding the meaning of the secure attachment style until this assignment, I can honestly say it has impacted my relationships tremendously. For the most part I have only been in a few serious relationships and it gave me the ability to love my partner without bringing any past baggage to the relationship. All insecurities were left behind and I was able to give my partner a fair chance to see if the relationship would develop in to anything more. As far as friendships I have many friends and it is easy for me to interact with others. I would consider myself fun and entertaining so I attract many different people. I don’t let petty things bother me. If I feel as though you are not a positive force in my life I distance myself only because I try to eliminate all negative energy.
Yes, I would have to say that my attachment style is similar to the relationships I have had with my parents. I had a great relationship with my mother. Growing up my mother taught me it was ok to love. She also taught me not all people are the same and everyone makes mistakes so you have to be able to forgive others and if it’s something that very serious forgive but distance yourself. Not only has my mother taught me that valuable lesson she also showed me. No matter what I did growing up and the troubles I may have found she was always stood there for me no matter what and her love never changed for me. I say her care and become attached to many people giving everyone that fair chance so I believe this is where I inherited this characteristic from.
I tend to believe this style has not changed simply because this is the best way to be. You can’t go around avoiding people and being scared of relationships because you might get hurt. Everyone will be hurt at some point or another. Sometimes its more easier said than done but you have to bounce back forgive and keep on moving. I understand that many people have been hurt so