Romanticism: An Exploration of Human Nature Essay

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Romanticism: An Exploration of Human Nature
The greatest Dark Romantic author Edgar Allan Poe reflects on the natural world surrounding his readers in nature. Also, nature creates an emotional and intellectual feeling. The top three most popular poems by Poe are “The Raven,” “El Dorado,” and “Annabel Lee”. These three poems relate to dark sides of human nature and morally beautiful sides of human nature.
“The Raven” is the darkest narrative poem created because it leads the reader to thrilling curiosity to fantastic horror. “-Here I opened wide the door/Darkness there and nothing more”(Poe, 23-24). The tapping of the raven makes the character in the poem not just terrified but curious of this mystical dark animal. The words “Nothing more” and “Nevermore”(Poe, 42-48), is constantly repeated after every stanza relates to the unknown character’s melancholy heart that is mourning for his long lost Lenore, who has died. All humans relate to death and with humans intuition, they can point out sadness and pessimism.
The next best poem “El Dorado” by Poe foretells of a quest for a wealthy, rich land. For we know that El Dorado is a mythical land, there are people today that search for that contemporary El Dorado, as if they were the naïve knight “A gallant knight/In sunshine and in shadow/Had journeyed long/Singing a song/In search of El Dorado”(Poe,1-6). Although there are people in the world today, that do not seek a wealthy land and are not naïve or vain. Such as the wise pilgrim, he sought to find God in heaven, which is his paradise. Furthermore, the wise pilgrim warns the knight “Over the Mountains/Of the moon/Down the Valley of The Shadow/Ride, boldly ride”(Poe, 19-22), explaining to the knight that if you were to keep seeking this “paradise”, you will die along the way. To humans heaven brings hope and the urge to be morally perfect, so