Romanticism In The Romantic Period

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Jesika Vigil-Vado
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December, 13, 2014 Romantic Period The Romantic Period began in the mid-eighteenth century and extended into the nineteenth century. In romanticism poetry came new concepts, like the use of imagination, nature, and symbolism. These new concepts soon became very popular with most of the poets. With these new concepts came new poets like Percy Bysshe Shelley who soon became one of the leading poets of the romanticism movement. The Romantic Period “had its greatest influence from the end of the eighteenth century up through about 1870.” (“Romanticism”). The movement originated in Europe. Romanticism responds more to emotion than reason for example when you read Shelley’s poems you can feel the emotion he is conveying. It followed the Enlightenment period and was in part inspired by a revolt against aristocratic social and political norms from the previous period, as well as seeing itself as the fulfillment of the promise of that age. Romanticism is often understood as a set of new cultural and aesthetic values. The Romantic Period is important to modern times because it shaped and influence artist not only directly after the romantic period but it still influences artist. Also, some say that the Romantic period is continuous with the present. Percy Bysshe Shelley is a poet from the Romantic Period, he wrote “Love’s Philosophy” and “Ozymandias.” Shelley was born August 4, 1792, in Sussex, England and died July 8, 1822 in Lerici, Italy. Shelley was bullied as a child. At the age of 19 he eloped with 16 year old Harriet Westbrook. But the only reason he married her was because he felt bad for her at the time he was in love with his cousin. He then later eloped to Mary Godwin in 1814 and Harriet Shelley gave birth to a son. (“Percy Bysshe Shelley”). So you could say Shelley was a ladies man. Shelley had 3 children. Mary Godwin wrote Frankenstein. In December 1816 Harriet Shelley apparently committed suicide. Shelley and Marry officially married three weeks after. Mary and Shelley moved to Italy. During the remaining four years of his life, Shelley produced all his major works, including “Prometheus Unbound”. Before his thirtieth birthday, Shelley was drowned in a storm while attempting to sail in 1822. “The mountains mingle with