Rome And Han China Comparative Essay

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Han China from 206 BCE to 220 CE and Imperial Rome from 31 BCE to 476 CE were both large and powerful empires during the classical period. These two empires share many similarities and differences between political control. There are several ways that Han China and Imperial Rome are connected, but their methods of becoming two of the most powerful empires of their time, shows ways in which they are divided as well. The Han dynasty of China and Imperial Rome’s methods of political control were very similar in many ways, but different in the means of society and culture. The political differences of the two empires attributed to the difference in society and culture. In Han China, confucianism was the ideology that governed everything. Confucianism put emphasis on bonds between people, such as family, which led society to be viewed as a one …show more content…
In each civilization a male political leader worked hard to form a respectable form of a centralized government. In Han China Han Wudi was the emperor and in Rome Julius Caesar was head of government. Han Wudi worked to increase the authority and prestige of centralized government by building an enormous bureaucracy. Similarly, Julius Caesar of Rome fought to gain respect. Caesar won his respect through winning battles. Once Caesar made a name for himself, he was quick to take control and centralize the Roman government. Also, both empires were faced with unstable borders and were surrounded by dangerous enemies. Han China dealt with the Huns through the tribute systems using placatory gifts and avoiding costly warfare which Rome often used when dealing with their enemies. Both empires had significant technology and discovered many military skills. Rome excelled at battle through the use of strong armor, shields, and horses. Han China had experimented with things including the longbow, gunpowder, and eventually gained horses from their