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Study Guide Question #1 Rome – early empires

Here is what I am hoping to do when I take write my response to this question. Definitely doesn’t matter how you do, just thought I would clarify for any one still a bit confused.
My plan is to take the main examples provided for why each is successful and format it as follows: Roman Republic, Roman Empire, both, hit on other civilizations, misc. I’m planning to link examples that explain how other emperors didn’t do what Rome did correctly directly with my fact on what Rome did do correct. As far as the second half of the question goes I am planning on taking what I have on each empire and try to make references to them during my arguments above. Tom L. was emphasizing Assyria during his
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Which as you can see with the successes of the Roman Republic, stability is vital within an empire. * Male citizens of Rome have the possibility to hold positions in military, as well as political office; those who excel intellectually can obtain said higher positions. * Rome held a citizen army, which differed from the previous civilizations who concentrated heavily on mercenaries. Mercenaries fight primarily for a salary, forming armies who may not be as faithful to their cause. * They also constructed roads linking Rome with their new possessions. After Rome controlled land they would construct roads to expand the empire and unite it under a single empire. * Rome figured out early that the best way to project its power outward was to keep its new constituents happy. Respecting local cultures reduced the drain on military (i.e. fewer revolts to contend with), freeing it to continue expanding Rome's sphere of control. They typically protected local customs, religions, etc., keeping the locals pacified. * Its military might enabled the Roman Empire to protect civilizations from barbaric raids better than previous regimes. Plus, the advanced Roman road system, and centralized currency/trade laws, enabled free trade throughout the empire, increasing the export markets and access to diverse and more affordable goods. Therefore, most conquered peoples enjoyed greater prosperity under Roman rule compared to their pre-Roman economic