Essay Rome: Mind and Android Cultivates Morals

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In this episode of Star Trek, the subject “rights for androids” comes into effect and we see issue offered throughout this entire episode. I believe this area to be very thought-provoking due to the fact that this issue has gained momentum through the past few years in social media and in real life with robots. Does an android have rights? If it can comprehend does it deserve rights? Etc. I believe that an “android” or “robot” will develop at a very quick pace when are technology advances and becomes more in depth. If an android cultivates morals and values, I consider that they are permitted to limited rights in ways. In this episode Data was going to be dissimilated for the progression of science by Maddox. I see that he shows very materialistic views in the way he conducts himself with Captain Picard and Data. I see that scientific thinking is behind the reasoning of processing things for Maddox as described in Chapter 3 (Hasker). He perceives that Data has no soul and ought to only be viewed as science project. Picard, I believe demonstrates characteristics of dualism, perhaps not so freely, Picard converses with data as if he has a soul and gives Picard gives his reasons during the trial. In my defense, I believe Picard exemplified the most honorable ways possible. He was defending one of this crew members and that to me demonstrates valor and true leadership as a captain. The problem is that there is no real fundamental aim specified why these standards make a person…